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A Fairly Large Bird Told Me

Updated: Apr 15

Everything is going to be ok!!

Steller's Jay looking back at me from an evergreen branch.
Meeting Steller's Jay

The pandemic led me into the woods, for a home and a fresh start. This summer has been the epitome of the best and the worst. I'm guessing everyone is feeling it in their ways; I won't digress into examples, insert your own Corona issues here, and then go on to enjoy the rest of my story.

One morning this summer, I stepped out into my yard, camera in hand, I admired the aspens competing with the evergreens for sunshine. I framed up several shots and even snapped a few pictures of my favorite branches and tree features. Suddenly this beautiful bird flew into my viewfinder, like a gift from the photo gods. The Crested Black and Blue Jay-bird, (known as Stellar's Jay) landed on a branch right in front of me, I had never seen one before, so I was thrilled. Plus, this cute character seemed as interested in me as I was in him. As I fell in love with the bird through my camera, I captured a ton of images. I remember being tickled by the mannerisms and personality of the bird. I smiled while I watched the bouncy tuff of fluff on the top of his head, making him look like a fancy giant blue jay (for those of us that grew up in the mid-west). I had so much fun as I watched and even chased him through my lens. From tree to tree, I captured the cuteness of the Stellar's Jay.

Perched on the beard of usnea, the steller's jay misses nothing
Steller's Jay watches intently

Later that day, I did a background check on the Stellar's Jay, the newest character in my body of work! Through my research, I found out that this bird is believed to date back to Noah's arch and has proven a symbol of hope to people throughout ages, mythology, and folklore. Specifically, when one feels despair, it has been said over the ages that this bird appears to people to deliver hope. Which honestly, I felt lifted from spending ten minutes with this curiously janty bird. Over the summer, there were so many photo opportunities with this same bird. Some of the images will be coming out in a brand new series that I'm currently producing. I am sharing some with you here in hopes they bring you some joy, too!

So yes, the Steller's Jay did his job and brought hope and content, which for artists is a lot like hope materializing. Content for three of Midnight Gallery's artists, my own original body of work (Kimbre Woods), Lylee James, and Maurice's stunning photography work.

Maurice has a whole new batch of images coming out, too! He has been exploring areas in the valley and shooting all summer, and is currently entrenched in planning and producing several new pieces! He is always coming out with new work, so everyone gets a one of a kind piece when they buy his wall pieces.

We have been inspired and influenced by living in the woods on a mountain top with birds, bears, mule deer, and tons of tiny chipmunks! Together we decided the big sassy bird was correct, "everything" is going to be ok. Thank you, hope delivered!

We hope these Stellar's Jay Birds bring you as much joy and hope as they have brought us this summer!

This bird wears his blue like a coat of royalty, living deep in the woods at the top of a mountain near the blue mesa in Colorado.
Steller's Jay finds lunch

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