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Lylee James, A series rather than a person

Updated: Apr 24

This body of work celebrates printmaking processes while introducing characters and narratives. Many of the options are loose pieces of art, some are smaller than others, and some are framed and ready to hang. Message us with any confusion and we'll be happy to clear it up! These super one of a kind pieces are not for everyone, but if one of them is for you/your person, I guarantee having it in hand will only make it more special.

All pieces will be signed and have a description of the artwork included that goes over both content and medium. You'll find this work in the "Original Fantasy Works" Section, there are more coming soon.

From the Series, "Bird Spirit works from the Underworld",

Soft Ground Intaglio Print hand painted with watercolor.

Send any questions or requests through the website, or use our business line:

970-251-5300 for texting or calling. We can include shipping as part of this special!

Original Character, Original Concept drawing

Third in "Lunifer Get's his Horns" Series, "Crossing the River"

Intaglio Print hand painted with watercolor and mica.

By LyLee James

Original Character, Original Concept drawing

from the, "Non Virgin Miracle Birth" Series, "Madonna with Child"

Hand tinted illustration

By LyLee James

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