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A Batch of Mountains from Kimbre Woods' photo lab!

Updated: 23 hours ago

I find comfort in making! It's simple, putting my hands to work with art supplies, step by step, the job gets done. It is so much simpler than anything else I could do with all the thoughts and concerns that run through my head. In creation mode, my concerns transform into pieces of art.

A batch of art can take a day, a night, three days, a week, or longer, and once it is done, the results are laid out before you! It is a joy to behold my efforts the morning after a late night of printing and painting. It is my artist version of Christmas, to wake up to my own work, seeing it in the new light of day, it never fails to feel like magic. Unless you happen to come to the gallery that day, my collectors don't generally get to see my work in its original batch.

Today, I decided to share this batch of Mountains that I started after last weekend and finished just before this weekend. A few sold this morning, which is why they don't link to the sales page. A few mountains are still in the works, they will be added as soon as they are done, so check out the rest of Kimbre Woods gallery for more options.

Mt Crested Butte covered in a blanket of winter, under a cloudy night sky, with the town homes twinkling till morning
The Mountain's Town

Cyanotype Photograph hand printed and hand painted this original work of art features wild lupines in bloom and a subtile sunrise
Summer Meadow in front of Crested Butte Mountain

Left to Right: The Mountain's Town (sold), Summer Meadow in front of Crested Butte Mountain (sold)

Zoomed in version of this image printed in cyanotype, on a thick soft rice paper, hand painted with watercolor
The Mountain's Town

Left to Right: "Snow Cloud over Crested Butte Mountain", Village of Crested Butte Mountain

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please check me out Reproductions at Also check out my second body of work which I make under the name Lylee James :-)

Please feel free to send a message to ask questions about artwork, blogs, etc.

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