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Original Fantasy Works ~ also known as Lylee James Series,
by Kimbre Woods

When Kimbre decided to return to school as a non-traditional student and earn her BFA in studio arts with an emphasis on Photography, she was already producing and selling her first body of work. You can find that work here too, Art Photography ~ Rocky Mountains. Work made in the tradition of pictorialist photographers of the eighteen hundreds using alternative photography processes to produce printed photographs that advertise our most precious commodities, elements of the natural world. 


Her original motivation was to push that work but soon it felt strange putting work up for a critique that could also be found in the gallery for sale. The solution was to dig deep, the result is a body of work featuring the moments from her childhood that were not photographed but remembered.  Impactful moments that caused her further contemplation, concepts that were delivered, and indoctrinations that persisted. The work reached out to the universe and asked as many questions as it answered. This work continues today, often folding in elements of art history and dealing with ancient narratives and archetypical characters. What you see here, is what is available. Many pieces are in the making and many works of art have already sold. For more information read these blog posts: Lylee James, A series rather than a personExploring, Layers and Levels of "Original" in Lylee James' work. 

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