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Kimbre Woods

Photography was Kimbre's first medium, she was exposed to a B&W darkroom when young and has pursued her interest in producing images ever since. Initially, Kimbre printed all of her weddings, portraits and artwork in the darkroom, and later embraced digital photography. This body of work uses historical photography processes that predate B&W silver photography. The love of hand-printing photography led her to produce this body for well over a decade. Now, for the content, the bulk of this body of work acts as an advertising champaign for nature and wildlife. The reason for this has to do with her history of working in the commerical photography industry. She loved the experience she gained working with a talented and diverse group of high-end commerical photographers, and enjoyed working on those projects more than free time, on the one hand. On the other hand, being behind the advertising scene,  she became critical of the manipulative techniques used to sell products. When the recession of early 2000's came into play, Kimbre decided to go back to college and turned her technical photography degree a BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis on photography. That is when she started to create a body of work that holds up a flower and says, the view, the flower, and especially the living creatures, are precious, worthy of protection, and celebration. Her work was featured at the Crested Butte Center for the Arts several times, and she also taught classes through the center, and served on the Crested Butte Creative District for over seven years. She was a featured artist several galleries over the years. She is being represented by the Midnight Gallery, and has been for the past fifeteen years. She has two other bodies of work on the website as well, Original SW paintings, an extention of this work, however, instead of printing her photographs, in this body of work, she simply makes paintings of her images. Original Fantasy Works, is the body of work she created while at working towards her degree as a non-traditional student. Original Fantasy works is a deep dive into her spiritual realm, her childhood, and tells the stories that she never could have taken photographs to describe. 

Original Painting depicting and character, Lunifer who can't look, but can't not look

Showing up for Kellee


"Showing up for Kellee", is part of a new original painting project that I am doing to bring all my scenes together in tiny paintings. The first time I made this piece is was a watercolor painting on a half sheet, and it was stolen from the university that I was attending at the time. Then I made a slightly larger version which was a charcole drawing, that one is kind of hard to live with... But it will show up here someday soon, I think. This version is 4"x3" and it is part of a 5 piece set, not that they have to go together, but just that they were made together to dipict the same scene. This one is my third favorite verson from the set.  


Content wise, this is part of "The Misunderstood Life and Trails of Lunifer" Series. It depicts a scene from a "Fucked up Religious Situation" that Lunifer shows up at. In this case, the horror is punishment with too much frevor and gusto delivered my mother's hand daily. 

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