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Olive Oatman and Ice Cream

Olive Oatman and Ice Cream

SKU: KW0000001

10"x20 ~ Original Acrylic Painting, "Olive Oatman and Ice Cream" is part of Kimbre's "Southwestern Art Tradition", sometimes referred to as her Celebrating the Desert Series". This functioning Restaurant and Ice Cream spot is open and ready for business. Right on Old Route 66 in the mining town of Oatman, Arizona. You could completely drive by it due to the overstimulation of visual wild westernness. Plus, you'll be minding the all-over burro crossing, and the burros trained by their mothers to check in with you through your window for some kind of toll. No junk food please, these local celebrities have sensitive tummies! This is a fun family spot, not just the restaurant, but this old gold mining town, the drive-in is breathtaking... Plus, there is so much history, just ask Olive Oatman... I mean, ask the internet about Olive Oatman, she had a wild sage that started during a covered wagon ride west and settled down, right in Oatman, Arizona.   

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