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Lylee James ~ Myth of Lucifer

Lylee James ~ Myth of Lucifer

SKU: Lyl00006

This artwork is 7"x5.5" floated on a white 10"x8" mat. This illustration is an original conceptual piece, it is painted with ink, watercolor and mica. It is also one of the oldest pieces from the Lylee James series, and therefore represents the beginning of a much larger body of work representing this character, Lunifer. This is one of those pesky images that lasted throughout time and unfortunately painted the life of a character we all know too well, Lucifer, rather than Lunifer. One big misunderstanding starting with everything about him, his intentions and yes even the details of his name got misconstrewed. Lylee James work is actually a series of work made by Kimbre Woods, but as Kimbre explain's when she makes the work she's Lylee, a character in the body of work.

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