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Now Offering: Artist Mentorship Programs

Updated: 11 hours ago

Work with seasoned artist Kimbre Woods through our remote mentorship program. Benefit from the one on one critical and motivational attention that most artist need and crave. Depending on how much time you have to commit to it, we can meet virtually on a weekly or monthly basis or at your pace. Each experience is tailored around the artist and their needs as expressed by them, as well as observed. These are not pre-made videos, this is 100% customized art advice for you, based on what you show Kimbre. Time, consideration and research will be put into each response to your work. There are many different reasons to participant in this Artist Mentorship program, one is in order to take their work farther, another would be to prepare your hobbyist artwork to become a selling body of work, or it can be used as a tool to prepare you and keep you on schedule for an upcoming showing.

Kimbre produces two bodies of work that currently are exhibited and for sale at Midnight Gallery. She has mentored several long term artist featured in the Midnight Gallery. She has enjoyed teaching and mentoring artists through such organizations as The Crested Butte Arts Center, Crested Butte Community School, Wild Flower Festival, and Trail Head Museum for children.

"Rainy Day Poppies" hand painted cyanotype photograph on Rice Paper 16x24

by Kimbre Woods

Interested but have questions? Send me a contact form with your questions!! I'll be happy to go answer questions to help you figure out if this service is right for you.

Jumpstart the Evolution of your work:

  1. - Fill in a contact form and let Kimbre know why you are considering using her mentorship program and which category of mentorship you qualify for

Youth Art Mentorship

- $75 per session (including the first)

Amateur Artist Mentorship

First Session Fee $500

- $250 per session

Professional and/or Academic

First Session Fee $1000

- $500 per session

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