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For the Love of Crested Butte

Updated: 10 hours ago

I have to take a step back and say Thank You!! Whatever your role, you are here reading this, which makes you my people. Don't worry, even if you feel like you are here for the wrong reasons, I appreciate you so much! Many of you have purchased my work and taken it all over the world. Thank you, that makes me feel so special, having my thought seeds going places I can't even get to right now. It is proof that there is magic in the world. Please know that I think of my work as advertising for nature, a resource that is our only real wealth!

Thank you for loving Crested Butte along with me, it's really that love that I have to thank for the success of my historical photographic body of work that I have been producing here for almost a dozen years now.

Crested Butte locals, I hope we can be victorious together, and I am so grateful to the extensions of love and support that have come my way over the years. Please do share this link freely!!!

I've also used this image on some reproduction items, check them out you'll find them in the Art Photography Products section.

Thank you, and please enjoy!!!

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