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COVID19, You are the worst, but you bring out the best in us!

Updated: Apr 16

Our hearts go out to you, in this COVID19 crisis, and we feel the love coming at us from multiple directions! Both longtime clients and brand new customers have supported us through our new website, Each purchase and the direct donations that have made on the website has made quarantine better. We truly feel the love from, "Local Love", a non-profit that has kept us in all kinds of supplies, most importantly fresh vegetables, proteins and amazing pickled goods. Lot's of the local stores donated to Local Love, such as Scout's General Store. Heather of Black Diamond Real Estate has been amazing, donating a heaping helping of her time to the "Local Love" project of feeding retail owners and workers. Thank you, Crested Butte, we truly feel the love, and honestly, we haven't even scooped up on half of the amazing things the restaurants are doing, like Secret Stash, Crested Butte Bagel, Marchitelli's Gourmet Noodle, The Divvy in Gunnison.

Kimbre woods is a local Crested Butte artist working in photography and printmaking process.
Kimbre Woods at the Caves in Crested Butte Colorado

All these restaurants and more are getting creative and finding ways to feed locals. We can't imagine there is a better place to be in this crisis with the town offering a grant to support business owners and a variety of individuals and organizations stepping up. We are on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the Crested Butte Town Council will decide in regards to our summer adjustments. We are in favor of picnic tables and family fun in the middle of Elk Avenue, and yes, we did fill out the survey! Cheers!!! See you all next week! Oh and until then, we suggest that you take a hike! The photo is from a hike we took this week, out to the caves!

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