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Don't forget Mom, Mother's Day is coming!

Updated: Apr 16

April 15th - May 15th 2024 Mother's Day Special ~ Free Personalized Gift wrap, and a free hand made note card will accompany your mother's day gift.

Mother's Day is about these moments, that mom cherished so much, holding you when you were small, but now you are so grown up!
Anja and Danica ~ Photo by Kimbre Woods

Our mothers will always love us no matter what happens, she does not need gifts to prove it! We think that is all the more reason to shower her with them! Original artwork wins the prize when it comes to meaningful gifts. There is nothing more special than someone giving a hand-made piece of art and saying, "This reminded me of you!" Have a look at our artist galleries and see if any of the work reminds you of your mother!

When you purchase a piece of art from now until Mother's Day, we are including gift wrapping and a handmade notecard, (pictured below). It does not have to be for mom, it does not have to be a gift, it just happens to be a Mother's Day Special we are running. Send us a message and let us know if it's a gift or not, if it's not, we will send you two notecards instead of gift wrapping it. You can use those at anytime, or keep them too, they look really cute just sitting around. Tell us who it's for and anything about them you think would be helpful in us making the gift wrapping personalized. Let us know if you want a message from you written on the package, or in the card for you, etc.. You can also have the artist write a note on the back of most pieces. We will put the love in, so it has an impact when opened. We can ship it directly to the receiver or we can ship it to directly to you. The sooner you order, the better, Mother's Day is right around tomorrow!

Cyanotype notecards featuring Crested Butte Mountain, songbird, paradise divide which is Ruby and Owen
Hand printed hand painted cyanotype notecards

Use our contact form if you have any questions at all, we are alway happy to help and we believe in good customer service, so please don't hesitate!

Photographic cyanotype notecards featuring mushrooms, hearts, crested butte mountain, and phrases like Handmade is the new pack of unicorns
Hand printed hand painted cyanotype notecards

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