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The Midnight Gallery is an artist collective, of me, myself and I. Plus, we are proudly featuring my favorite artist of all time, Takashi. He is working in the medium of photography, and If you go through his images, you'll notice some aerial photography, and it's true, he flew right in there, like he was playing a video game and captured the scenes he loved the best, and produced them, right here in the Art Cabin, on our state of the fine art printer, rated for two hundred years of colorfast photography. He uses gorgeous archival papers, too. Yes, we have a bit of a branding issue, because we are Midnight Gallery, and we are Kimbre's Art Cabin. Think of the Midnight Gallery and the Art Cabin as two buildings on the same property, living there under the moon and the stars. The real difference between the two is the originals can be viewed and purchased here at and reproductions of my work can be found in various forms of reproductions at some are traditional reproductions, artwork printed on stretched canvas, other items are more unusual, like the dresses and high top sneakers made from my images. I have three bodies of work on there right now, "Celebrating the Desert", which is my most recent body of work, acrylic paintings of the south west. In the tradition of so many artists before me. "Art Photography Products", which features my historical photographic processes, that I've been hand printing and painting for about fifthteen years now. "Original Fantasy Works" which is my academic work, I did not quite making it after I graduated with my BFA in Studio Arts. I believe I'm in my eleventh year with that body of work. It's the proverbial kitchen sink of mediums, printmaking processes, illustration, painting, and more historical photography process. You'll find the same categories on this site, but again, the originals are here, and my solutions to reproductions are over there at 

I am always looking for eco friendly items that I can offer, and finding new or old works of art to add onto new products. I'm also always open to suggestions, If you see an image that you love, and. you see a product you love, but they are not together, let me know. I will try to fix that right away, and then I'll just send you the updated link, and you can come back and say, that's awesome, but still not quite right, and I will change it again. I love design, and I love working with my images to make functional art to send out into the world. So, just let me know what you are thinking and we'll see if we can accomodate. Now, that's in regards to the Art Cabin, reproductions. When it comes to the originals you find here, we are more in the land of custom orders. Which we love to do, IF it's a good fit. 

Because this is a site full of original works of art, there is only one of everything, but not even that is a simple as it seems at first glance. Let me explain. Some pieces are layered processes, and those are the most original of all the originals. Some are hand printed photographs that I have a negative for, so I can print them again, but they won't be exactly the same, as they are made on various types of paper, under different circumstances, painted while in a variety of mentalities. Those I will take custom orders for, and I'll just make three and have you pick your favorite. If you are not happy with the three, just tell me why, and I'll make three more with that in mind. I don't mind. I love playing with my images, and I'm happy to do it for people that relate to my work. My paintings are originals, acrylic paintings, I could not paint them the same way exactly again, I always go back to the reference photo and paint pieces I've sold in a larger size, as a practice. But they never look the same, maybe some of it is due to the size increase, but I also believe familiarity with the image makes it a little easier the second time around on the same scene. Last but not least is Takashi's which are actually one of a kind due to his decision to make it so. He does not enjoy working with the same image over and over again. So instead he chooses to produce a steady stream of editions of one. He has a fabulous line of folded panoramic cards that will be coming soon, which will give you a chance to see a better example of his expansive library of images, featuring the landscape, wildlife, mood's of the the weather, contrast of seasons, a true wealth of great images. 


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